Effective Suggestions Email Sample: Tips and Examples

Do you ever struggle with crafting an effective email? Especially when it comes to suggestions or requests?

Well, fear not my friend! I have compiled a list of suggestions email samples that you can use as a reference to help you get started. And the best part? You can edit them as needed to fit your personal style and the context of your email.

Whether you’re aiming to secure a meeting with a potential client, requesting feedback from a busy colleague, or simply wanting to recommend a new restaurant to your friends, these samples have got you covered.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these suggestions email samples and start crafting emails that get the response you want!

The Best Structure for a Suggestions Email Sample

When it comes to writing a suggestions email, it’s essential to make sure your message is concise, clear, and easy to read. You want to respect the recipient’s time and make your message as valuable as possible. With that said, here’s a simple yet effective structure you can use:


Start by introducing yourself and acknowledging the recipient’s time. You can also express gratitude for their work or contributions. This creates a positive tone and makes the recipient more receptive to your suggestions.


Provide context for your suggestions. Explain what inspired your ideas and why you think they’re valuable. This helps the recipient understand the problem you’re trying to solve and how your suggestions can help.


Present your suggestions clearly and concisely. Use bullet points to make them easy to read and digest. Be specific and actionable. If possible, provide examples or data to back up your suggestions. This makes your message more persuasive and demonstrates that you’ve done your homework.


Closing your suggestions email options can wrap things up in a positive manner. You can thank the recipient again and express your willingness to discuss the suggestions further. You may also want to provide contact information or include a call-to-action that encourages the recipient to take action.

Overall, the best structure for a suggestions email sample is one that’s easy to read, respects the recipient’s time, and provides valuable insights. By following the structure outlined above, you can increase the chances of getting your suggestions heard and acted upon.

7 Example Suggestions Email Samples

Recommendation for a Restaurant

Dear [Name],

I recently dined at an amazing restaurant and I think you would love it too. The food was fresh and full of flavor. The ambiance was perfect for a cozy and intimate night out with your loved one. I highly recommend the seafood linguine and the crème brûlée for dessert. Their wine selection was also impressive, so be sure to ask the waiter for recommendations.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Best regards, [Your Name]

Recommendation for a Hair Salon

Dear [Name],

I recently visited an incredible hair salon and I think you should check it out. The stylist, [Stylist’s Name], did an amazing job on my hair and the salon atmosphere was so relaxing. They offer a variety of services, including haircuts, coloring, and styling. Their prices are also reasonable for the quality of service you receive.

I truly recommend you give this salon a chance and let [Stylist’s Name] work her magic on your hair. You won’t be disappointed!

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Recommendation for a Fitness Class

Dear [Name],

I wanted to recommend a fitness class that I recently attended. The class was a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout and it was the perfect mix of cardio and strength training. The instructor was energetic and kept the class motivated from start to finish. The workout was challenging but doable, making it a great fit for all fitness levels.

If you are looking for an exciting way to get fit and challenge yourself, I recommend you give this class a try!

Best, [Your Name]

Recommendation for a Movie

Dear [Name],

I recently watched an incredible movie and I just had to share it with you. The movie is called [Movie Title] and it is full of suspense and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The acting is superb and the storyline is well thought out and executed.

If you are looking for a great movie to watch, I highly recommend [Movie Title]!

All the best, [Your Name]

Recommendation for a Vacation Destination

Dear [Name],

I recently went on an amazing vacation and I think you would love this destination too. The place is called [Destination Name] and it is a breathtakingly beautiful location with plenty of things to do. From hiking and sightseeing to shopping and dining out, [Destination Name] has something for everyone.

I highly recommend that you consider [Destination Name] for your next vacation. It will be an experience that you won’t forget!

Best wishes, [Your Name]

Recommendation for a Book

Dear [Name],

I recently read a fantastic book and I think you would enjoy it too. The book is called [Book Title] and it is a page-turner that is full of suspense and twists. The characters are well-developed and the writing style is engaging and easy to read.

If you are looking for a great book to read, I highly recommend [Book Title]!

Warm regards, [Your Name]

Recommendation for a Podcast

Dear [Name],

I recently discovered an amazing podcast and I think you would love it too. The podcast is called [Podcast Title] and it covers a wide range of interesting topics. The host is knowledgeable and engaging, and the guests are experts in their fields.

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, I highly recommend that you check out [Podcast Title]. It will entertain and educate you at the same time!

Take care, [Your Name]

Suggestions Email Sample: Tips for Success

When it comes to suggesting new ideas or recommending a course of action via email, you want to ensure that your message resonates with the recipient. Here are several tips for crafting an effective suggestions email:

Be Clear and Concise: First and foremost, your suggestions email should be easy to read and understand. Avoid using obscure jargon or convoluted phrasing, and get straight to the point. Use bullet points or numbered lists to break up longer paragraphs and make your email more visually appealing.

Provide Context: To make your suggestions more compelling, it’s essential to provide context as to why you think the ideas you are proposing are necessary. This can include recent developments or data that support your recommendations, as well as any firsthand experiences that lend credibility to your suggestions.

Show Enthusiasm: Be passionate and concise about your suggestions to show that you care about the opportunity. Share how what you are proposing will benefit the organization or project. Avoid using overly eager phrasing, as this can come across as unprofessional. Instead, use language that is confident and empowered.

Use Evidence to Support Your Claims: If you’re proposing any new ideas, be sure to back it up with facts, data, or any real-world evidence that can support your claims. This can help increase the chances that your email will be thoughtfully considered, as it shows that you have done your research on the issue at hand.

Be Respectful: Finally, it’s essential to be courteous and respectful in your suggestions email. Avoid attacking or belittling anyone in the message and maintain a professional tone throughout. By being diplomatic and thoughtful in your email, you increase the chances that your suggestions will be positively received, even if they ultimately don’t get implemented.

By using these tips when crafting your suggestions email, you can increase the chances that your message will be thoughtfully considered and ultimately lead to positive action within the organization or project in question.

FAQs for Suggestions Email Sample

What is a suggestions email sample?

A suggestions email sample is a model email that is used as a template for crafting your own email to suggest ideas or improvements to a person or organization.

How can I make my suggestions email sound professional?

You can make your suggestions email sound professional by addressing the recipient respectfully, being clear and concise in your message, and using appropriate language and tone.

What are some things to include in my suggestions email?

You should include a clear subject line, a brief introduction of yourself, a clear and concise statement of your suggestion, an explanation of why your suggestion is beneficial, and a polite conclusion thanking the recipient for considering your suggestion.

What should I avoid including in my suggestions email?

You should avoid using aggressive or critical language, making assumptions or accusations, or making demands. Keep in mind that your email should be professional and respectful at all times.

How can I make my suggestion stand out in my email?

You can make your suggestion stand out in your email by emphasizing the benefits and advantages it offers, using clear and specific language, and showing enthusiasm for your idea.

Is it okay to follow up on my suggestions email?

Yes. If you haven’t received a response after a reasonable amount of time, you can send a polite follow-up email to check on the status of your suggestion.

What if I don’t receive a positive response to my suggestion?

If your suggestion is not accepted, don’t take it personally. Remain professional and respectful in your response, and ask for feedback on how you can improve your suggestions in the future.

Can a suggestions email be sent to multiple people?

Yes, a suggestions email can be sent to multiple people if it is relevant to all of them. However, it is important to personalize each email and address the recipient individually.

Is it necessary to include supporting evidence or research in my suggestions email?

Not always, but including supporting evidence or research can strengthen your suggestion and make it more persuasive. If you have research that supports your suggestion, include it in your email.

Can I suggest more than one idea in my suggestions email?

It is better to focus on one idea per email, but if you have multiple suggestions that are related, you can include them in the same email. However, be sure to label each suggestion clearly and explain how they are connected.

Happy emailing!

That’s all for now on suggestions email samples. We hope this has helped you get started on drafting your own effective emails. Remember, it’s crucial to personalize each email and ensure that it is concise and clear. Don’t forget to proofread before hitting send! Thanks for reading and see you again soon.